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Because tomorrow is not promised, it is wise to have a lawyer draw up even the most basic estate plan before it is too late. Common motivations for creating a will are deciding how your estate will be distributed, who will take care of your minor children, minimizing estate taxes, and making gifts and donations.

The DuPuy Law Firm wants you to be able to avoid greater legal challenges down the road. If there is no will in place, part or all of your estate may pass to someone you did not intend. We also know there can be a longer probate process if you do not have a will.

The great thing about a will is that it can be changed if your circumstances change. It is important that your attorney knows Texas Law in order to be effective at drafting your wishes. The DuPuy Law Firm wants to help you through this overwhelming task.


Contact us today to make your wishes known to your loved ones, because life after you are gone matters.



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