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For every step science takes toward understanding how the human brain works, it seems as though new mysteries are revealed. A recent article in the Washington Posttells the story of an Italian man who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and awoke to become a very happy Frenchman. He is now filled with happiness and spends his days speaking a fast, inaccurate version of French. He watches French movies and eats French food.

The Changes Caused By TBI Are Not Always Obvious

The tale of the brain-injured Italian turned Frenchman is not an isolated one. While rare, there are other instances of TBI victims waking up to speak a different language, confounding their loved ones. However, the changes caused by TBI, particularly mild TBI, are often much more subtle, but no less life-changing.

Victims of traumatic brain injuries may experience personality changes, mood shifts, depression, cognitive challenges, speech problems, vision problems, hearing problems, dizziness, headaches and more. Frequently, it is not the victim who notices the changes, but the victim’s family or friends. As difficult as it can be to adjust to life in a different language, it can be overwhelming for all involved when a person emerges from a brain injury to act like someone else entirely.

Continued Treatment Is Critical

Treatment for a TBI can vary dramatically depending on the specifics of the injury, and may include surgery, medication and continued counseling and therapy. It is important that treatment is continued, and that doctors remain involved so that TBI victims can benefit from new treatment techniques and opportunities.

When a traumatic brain injury is suffered in a motor vehicle accident or due to any other act of negligence, the victim and the victim’s family must be aware of the opportunity to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. These claims can help the victim get money to cover the costs of continued medical treatment. As TBI victims are often unable to return to work, these claims may also help them obtain compensation for a lifetime’s worth of lost wages.

At Lloyd & DuPuy, our attorneys are committed to handling the most serious TBI cases. We work hard to pursue maximum compensation and to hold negligent parties accountable. We want you to get the best care possible. To begin, we offer free consultations.

On behalf of Devon DuPuy of Lloyd & DuPuy PLLC posted in Personal Injury on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

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