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Legal matters involving family are an upheaval. There are few other events that alter nearly every aspect of your life. The DuPuy Law Firm is a sound choice for you not only because of our success, but also because we understand that Life Matters. From when you wake up to when you go to sleep, your life will change. The lawyer you choose needs a sharp focus on the law but also needs to create order in a time of chaos.

The DuPuy Law Firm handles all aspects of domestic litigation including divorcecomplex property division, child custody/parenting time disputes, child support, modification or enforcement of orders, adoption, domestic violence and protective orders, paternity determinations, premarital and post-marital agreements, and other related areas.

We understand being involved in domestic litigation can be beyond frustrating and believe one size does not fit all. Every case is unique and requires creative and innovative solutions to get the absolute best results for our clients. The DuPuy Law Firm provides the highest quality litigation to its clients and does not back down in the courtroom. Not all disagreements can be settled with a handshake. Make sure your attorney is as well versed in fighting as they are in compromising.


Contact us today to get guidance and resolution, because your family matters.



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