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Whether you’re just starting your own business, or you are facing a civil litigation dispute, The DuPuy Law Firm is committed to representing your interests both aggressively and efficiently. We are here to take the reins so you can go on with business as usual.

While primarily a Plaintiff's lawyer, Devon DuPuy, has handled numerous litigation disputes representing Plaintiffs and Defendants. Fraud, Slander and Libel, Tortious Interference of Business Relationships, Deceptive Trade Practices Violations, Copyright Infringement - If it is litigated in a civil courtroom then we have handled a case much like yours. We use our extensive expertise acquired from over a decade of litigation experience to achieve the best results possible.

The civil litigation landscape today is much different than in days past. In a day and age where the vast majority of cases are settled in pre-trial mediation, the art of trial law seems lost on most attorneys. You need an attorney who not only has participated in hundreds of negotiations, but also has extensive, actual experience trying complex cases before a jury. This might be your first trial. Don't let it be your lawyer's first.


Contact us today to litigate for you, because your business matters.



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